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About us

Our medium-sized family business, Eckardt & Sohn GmbH, was founded by the managing directors Manfred Eckardt and Thomas Eckardt. In 2002, we proudly celebrated our 25th anniversary, which stands for reliability, excellent service, continuity and growth.

Unfortunately, our managing director Manfred Eckardt passed away in 2001, followed by his son Thomas Eckardt in March 2002. These tragic events led to a change in management. From March 2002 to May 2005, Mrs. Beate Eckardt took over the management of the company. Since 01.06.2005, Mr. Axel Eckardt has continued to run the company as Managing Director in line with the usual tradition.

At the end of 2013, Axel Wieczorek, a long-standing employee, was appointed as a further managing director. Unfortunately, he also passed away in September 2021. Since then, Mr. Axel Eckardt has been the sole manager of our company.

In August 2023, our long-standing partner and employee Dirk Brandt was appointed as a further managing director. Together, they will continue to run the company in the proven manner for customers and suppliers.

Eckardt & Sohn GmbH operates both locally and globally and has made a name for itself with its extensive product range and many years of experience. We are known for our friendly and efficient cooperation with customers and suppliers.

We deliver:

Glass-, Quartz-, Porcelain-, Plastic-, Rubber-, Cork- and Cellulose-, Metal-, Precious metal- and Wood items, Chemicals, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Moisture analyser, Balances from 0,00001 g to 300 kg, Special items for tests of asphalt, concrete, bitumen, ground, mortar, cement, water and sewage, colours and lacquer.



Current Projects


Wir bieten zu günstigen Konditionen  / We offer at special conditions

- Kalibrierungen / Calibrations

- Reparaturen / Repairs

- Inbetriebnahmen / Installations

- Einweisungen / Trainings

aller gängigen Prüfgeräte für die Bauindustrie durch unseren eigenen Serivcedienst / of all common testing machines for the construction industry carried out by our own service.

Leichte Fallgewichtsgeräte

Light drop weight tester

LFG 4 und LFGpro

1.06.42 HMP LFG4 klein