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About us

The foundation stone of our present family company was laid by the two managers Manfred Eckardt & Thomas Eckardt.

In the year 2002 our longstanding company, which always represents reliability, good service, continuity and expansion, celebrates it`s 25 years anniversary.

In the middle of the year 2001 our manager Manfred Eckardt died and a short time later, in March 2002, his son Thomas Eckardt, where upon our management changed in the middle of the year 2002.

Mrs. Beate Eckardt was since then the new business guide of the company (March 2002 until May 2005). Since that 01,06,2005 is now Mr. Axel Eckardt managing director of the companies Eckardt & son GmbH and the company becomes so, as you were used to it so far, to resume. At the end of 2013, our longtime colleague Axel Wieczorek was appointed as Managing Director. In September 2021 our managing director Axel Wieczorek passed away. Since then, Mr. Axel Eckardt is again the sole managing director of our company.

The company Eckardt & Sohn is active on local as well as on global level. Because of the very extensive product range and many years of experience the company can always come up to the customers specific requests.

Our company is well known because of the friendly and efficient corporation with customers and suppliers.

We deliver:

Glass-, Quartz-, Porcelain-, Plastic-, Rubber-, Cork- and Cellulose-, Metal-, Precious metal- and Wood items, Chemicals, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Moisture analyser, Balances from 0,00001 g to 300 kg, Special items for tests of asphalt, concrete, bitumen, ground, mortar, cement, water and sewage, colours and lacquer.



Current Projects


Wir bieten zu günstigen Konditionen  / We offer at special conditions

- Kalibrierungen / Calibrations

- Reparaturen / Repairs

- Inbetriebnahmen / Installations

- Einweisungen / Trainings

aller gängigen Prüfgeräte für die Bauindustrie durch unseren eigenen Serivcedienst / of all common testing machines for the construction industry carried out by our own service.

Leichte Fallgewichtsgeräte

Light drop weight tester

LFG 4 und LFGpro

1.06.42 HMP LFG4 klein